Shipping Note: If shipping charges grossly exceed actual cost, we'll refund the difference!




At this time, I can only ship domestically to addresses in the U.S. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Orders are shipped once each week:  Orders received by 12 noon (Eastern Standard Time) on Wednesday will be shipped on Thursday using U.S.P.S. Please leave a note on your order if you would like a tracking number emailed to you.

Fiber Conditions

The fiber your receive is not likely the fiber that is shown in the photo; a small sample of fiber is photographed for display but that sample is generally representative.  Natural variations in color and the amount of vegetable matter are reasonable; I do my best to avoid surprises for my customers and to describe the fiber fully.  Please be aware that color settings on screens vary and the lighting conditions of the photos vary. 

Fiber and yarn has been stored in a smoke-free environment.  There are many animals on the premises, both indoor domestic animals and livestock, but I do my best to keep fiber and yarn for sale away from all animals to minimize the chances of allergies in customers.


Returning fiber and handspun yarn is complicated; fiber in a customer's home may absorb scents from the environment and opening packages of fiber might allow amounts of fiber to be lost.  Also, shipping usually costs more than a single item.  If a customer is not satisfied with their purchase, please contact the shop within 14 days of the receipt of the item(s) purchased to hopefully reach a mutually agreeable conclusion.    Please be aware that return shipping, in the situation that a return will be allowed, will be the responsibility of the consumer.

Because returns will not always be accepted, it is very important for customers to communicate their expectations before ordering.  Please don't hesitate to email the shop or call the shop with questions before ordering so that we have the greatest chance of ensuring your satisfaction with your purchase.


I welcome your communications!  Please be aware, though, that Oswego FiberWorks is (necessarily) a part-time occupation.  Please call during business hours of 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time and be patient while awaiting a return phone call or email reply.  

How is your personal information stored and used?

Your privacy matters to me. Some of your information, such as IP address, may be collected simply by visiting this website.  If so, such information used only to enhance your viewing experience.  If you make a purchase or use the Contact form, additional information is collected.  This shop has SSL, which adds a layer of security when you enter your information at checkout.

Payments are processed by Stripe, which takes steps to secure surrendered private and personal data on all transactions. Such information is not saved by me or used by me beyond the purposes of the intial transaction.

If you choose to use the Contact form, the information you submit is subject to Google's privacy policy and terms of use. The information that you send to me will not be saved or used beyond the purposes of completing a productive communication regarding your contact.

I will never sell your information for my personal or business gain.  Honestly, I wouldn't know how to start or have the time to find out!! 

Sales Tax

New York State businesses collect sales tax based on the location that the item is shipped to and based on what the item is.  In NY, fiber and yarn for non-clothing purposes are subject to sales tax while yarn for clothing purposes is not subject to sales tax.  Because I am researching how to collect sales tax (if it is even necessary) I refuse to ship items outside the U.S. at this time.

Animal Care

Oswego FiberWorks angora rabbit fiber is collected in a humane and responsible manner.  None of the rabbits in service are hurt or injured in the process.