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Bunowools! Mint Blossom


These batts, weighing in around 3.1-3.3 ounces, are 67% wool, 33% English angora rabbit fiber ... whisper soft with a woolly crimp for easy spinning.

Mint Blossom Bunowools are hand-cranked batts made with 33% New Zealand romney sheep wool (washed, carded, dyed in the U.S.), Dorset horn sheep wool, and a blend of English angora rabbit fiber from our upstate New York homestead. Rabbits in service are Preston Kirs, Betina, and the Ralphs.

Each batt is individual. This natural product contains small amounts of vegetable matter and there are natural variations in fiber color and texture in the batt.

Bunowools posted are already made and ready to ship out on schedule; orders received by noon Eastern Standard Time on Wednesdays will ship out by U.S.P.S. on the following Thursday.

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