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Handspun Alpaca, Mohair, Wool, and English Angora Fiber Yarn - BunOff! Style


This skein is 3.2 ounces, 80 yards, of a dk-to-worsted weight yarn, handspun from an Oswego FiberWorks BunOff! The fiber is 1/3 a mohair and wool blend commerically available, 1/3 alpaca fiber, and 1/3 English angora rabbit fiber from our upstate NY homestead. The rabbits-in-service for this project were Marienne and MadgeLynne.

With sturdy mohair, bouncy wool, and the drape and warmth of alpaca and angora, this yarn is sure to please. It's not a huge quantity, but just perfect to complement a solid main color or edge an accessory that needs to be next to the skin.

(If you're a handspinner and want your own BunOff! batt to make your yarn your way, check out the separate listing for BunOff!s.)

This yarn and all products made from it should be hand washed and flat dried. This product is already spun, washed, and set -- ready to wing its way to your home or wherever you send it! Orders received by noon Eastern Standard Time on Wednesdays will ship out by U.S.P.S. on the following Thursday.

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