Oswego FiberWorks

Oswego FiberWorks provides soft, luxurious English angora and French angora rabbit fiber, handspun yarn, and other related goods.  This small business is owned and operated by one person, Elizabeth Wilcox, and a herd of angora rabbits in the small town of Oswego, New York, U.S.A.

The Rabbits!

English angora rabbits are fluffy, playful, and curious.  Their long fur coats require regular grooming and most English angora rabbits "blow their coat" (or, molt) about four times each year.  Each rabbit produces a few ounces of fiber each year, and the fiber is very suitable for handspinning into warm, drapey yarn.

The Oswego FiberWorks English angoras are raised with care and attention, and are treated humanely and respectfully.  During molt, the rabbits are "plucked" -- which means, at this homestead, that the loose fibers are gently tugged free from the new fibers that are growing in.  The rabbits are never injured during this process, and tend to be hopping about a flat surface munching hay and playing during their grooming. 

blue-colored English angora rabbit on grass

Rabbits in service receive individual care and treatment, and are valued not only for the fiber they provide but also for the joy their companionship brings and for the intrinsic value of life. 


Occaisonally English angora rabbits may be available for sale to individuals who can pick up the rabbits in person in Oswego, New York.  Rabbit transport will not be arranged.  If interested, contact Oswego FiberWorks for more information.